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To Help All Those We Can

Our experience is that time with the goat and/or chickens helps some guests ease into interactions with the horses. 


  More than 1 in 5 adults with a mental health         disability report difficulty getting care due to costs.   Help     us make a difference in the lives of your neighbors.

Freedom Riding

The Freedom Riding facilities embrace the great outdoors.  Clients are allowed access to nearly 100 acres, thanks to our generous hosts. Currently, the boutique barn is located on hour west of Arlington, VA, down 66.  Sometimes, our animals are in Oakton, but they now enjoy larger paddocks close to Middleburg.

We know the whole family joins some days: we welcome all.  Due to our commitment to the local area, we strive for our facilities to be an open, embracing area, where families can relax, or fit in a quick work email, while our active guests focus on their joy - whether it be time with our rescue horses, goats, or chickens. 

Please call for our address and to make a reservation:   703-527-3290


    Our program is intended to complement traditional            clinical therapy.