Freedom Riding

Assisting those whom might benefit from "horsing around" is easy. Anyone can help by donating funds or riding equipment. Additionally, you can devote an afternoon to helping at the barn.  Or, just use our amazon link donate through your daily shopping:

 take    care OF those in need


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Help Soothe

by spending time with our animals.  

Lend a Hand

Equine interaction has been linked to a spectrum of benefits, such as - improved respiration, circulation, balance, and body metabolism along with greater muscle strength and agility.

Our mission

Since the ancient Greeks, horses have been utilized as a therapeutic aid. Freedom riding aims to promote physical, occupational, and emotional growth in children, as well as veterans who find comfort and benefit from animal interaction.  The beauty of our model is that we are a horse rescue as well -- so the horse and the rider come together to show care. 


   for Health

Freedom Riding is a local advocate for those who would benefit from animal interaction (horse, chickens, and a goat!), and is an animal rescue.  We want "to help all those we can" through equine-assisted recreation in order to support those who defend us (veterans), and those who deserve defense (children.).

Covid-19 update:  We have ample hand-sanitizer, and a UV light to apply to our tack between visitors.   Stay safe and stay wel!